The Marketing and Training Challenges

The traditional marketing challenges of training sales staff and explaining value to customers can be far more difficult when the products or services are highly technical.

Have you noticed that the complexity of your products or services creates a communication gap between the technical staff in your organization and the marketing or sales staff? Do your promotional materials emphasize specifications and features rather than customer value? Is the uniqueness of what you are offering unclear?

The Solution

For organizations that develop products or provide services, Jack has the unique ability to communicate easily with technical staff and subject matter experts, transforming complex information into promotion or presentation material that is understandable and effective for sales people and customers.

Jack is a training and marketing expert, with particular expertise in designing, developing and delivering customized training solutions that include instructor-led training (ILT) and Web-based training (WBT). Jack's skills in product marketing are based on over 20 years of global OEM and product marketing experience in the wireless and data communications markets, marketing and sales training in 15 countries, and a long engineering background in software and digital LSI design.

“As a Silicon Valley executive for over two decades, I have worked with many marketing consultants on a broad spectrum of projects. Jack has been the best I've ever worked with because he has the three things most other consultants never have all at the same time: he drills deep and hates superficiality; he's always superbly and impeccably prepared; and, as an engineer himself, he's highly technical. As a result, Jack has been invited back for several years to help LitePoint work on projects that help define things like crisper messaging and positioning, technical sales training, and eLearning-based onboarding material for new employees. My experience with Jack has always been exceptional and I'll gladly recommend him to anyone without any hesitation. He's a person of the highest integrity and a marketing professional of the highest caliber.”
Spiros Bouas, Chief Operating Officer
LitePoint Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA

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