eLearning and Web-Based Training

Jack has years of experience developing narrated training, demonstrations, and simulations for Windows-based software and other kinds of products and services using Adobe Captivate, the industry's leading eLearning tool. Captivate capabilities include captions, clickable hotspots, videos, and randomized quizzes. It produces Flash technology output files that can easily be incorporated in web pages or can operate independently as self-contained .EXE files.

Jack is experienced using the ADDIE instructional design model (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) for developing training.

“Having developed several Adobe Captivate videos, our organization knew that a quality result takes extensive resources which we lack. With minimal direction and limited exposure to security technology, Jack designed and produced a series of technical training videos based on our complex software solution. Using product manuals and live recordings of our software, Jack overcame inconsistencies in our documentation and debugged operating problems to meet an aggressive deadline. The result was one of the most impressive educational tools our global system engineers, salespeople, and customers have ever experienced. The impact on our company's marketing and engineering resources was minimal and we feel this program will yield new business. I encourage colleagues to use Jack's services and look forward to our next project with him.”
Bob Sparanese, Senior Product Marketing Manager
Apani Networks, Brea, CA


Audio narration is a key feature that makes training, demonstrations, and other kinds of eLearning interesting as well as informative. Refer to Jack's narration and audio editing.

If the target audience includes people who don't speak English as their primary language, two options with Adobe Captivate can make audio narrations more effective:

  • Closed captioning can be added so people can both read and hear the narration in English;
  • Narrations can be created in other languages and combined with the original English presentation materials.

Product Overview Example

Jack has used Adobe Captivate to create overviews of hardware and software products associated with wireless, wired, and optical networking. These interactive and narrated product overviews have proven value:

  • On websites, they attract customers for subsequent sales calls and product demonstrations
  • Sales people can e-mail the materials to qualify potential customers and secure their interest
  • They enhance sales training
  • Sales representatives and less-experienced direct sales staff can feel comfortable presenting these kinds of material during initial customer visits

In this product overview example on the Anritsu Corporation public website, Jack incorporated narration and product simulations so the user can control some of the product operation:
Example: Overview of a desktop simulator for mobile phone application developers

  • Click on "View Product Tour"
  • The "Take a Close Look" section uses an interactive data sheet format to explain the value of the product
  • The "Take a Test Drive" section includes narrated explanations and simulated product operation

Software Demonstration Example

In this portion of reseller training for a large software product installation, Jack uses Adobe Captivate with narration to demonstrate the step-by-step installation process showing the actual screens the reseller will see:
Example: Narrated software installation training

eLearning Example

This small portion of the training about birds that Jack developed for San Diego Zoo volunteers combines narration, graphics, and PowerPoint slides to provide Web-based eLearning that replaced classroom instruction that was innefficient and expensive. Subsequent screens not shown here contain quizzes to ensure that the intended learning is taking place:
Example: Narrated eLearning