Improving Product Marketing Staff Skills

Jack has years of experience proving that most product marketing staff, and especially those who are new to marketing, can benefit from training in these key areas:

  • Developing Sales Training Materials
    This training, explained further in Sales Training Material Workshops, describes how to provide the information sales people really want and need to know about how and where to sell your product:
    • What is the value of each important feature to the customer?
    • Why is our product unique?
    • What kinds of customers need our product, and for what specific applications?
    • What are each competitor's strong and weak points, and what strategy should we use to win against each competitor?
    • What are the strong points of our product, and how can we demonstrate those strong points or show measurable value to the customer?
    • What are the weak points of our product, and what strategy should we use to overcome each one?
  • Customer Value Proposition Training
    Do you describe products by talking about their specifications or benefits? Value is important in customer buying decisions. This training is about learning how to listen to customer needs first, learning how to recognize the difference between product specifications and value, and learning how to communicate value propositions based on customer needs.
  • New Product Introduction Training
    Do you sometimes rush to meet deadlines and launch products without giving sales channels adequate time and resources to plan how and where to target sales of your product? ROI (return on investment) goals may not be met because sales can't be obtained early enough in the product's life cycle. This training is about
    • establishing which materials are needed to ensure a successful product launch;
    • defining a process for timely development of those materials;
    • delivering new product materials at the appropriate points in the product development cycle.

  • Presentation Skills Training
    For presentations to be valuable, your slides must be readable and enjoyable, and the presentation delivery must be engaging. There are three important aspects of presentation skills:
    • Choosing appropriate and effective content for the presentation materials.
    • Using a slide format that makes the slides readable and enjoyable.
    • Delivering the presentation in an engaging and effective manner.

    Jack has been coaching marketing and engineering staffs in the development and delivery of PowerPoint presentation materials for over 15 years. Training about optimum slide format is explained further in PowerPoint Format Guidelines.