Narration and Audio Editing

Professional narration is an essential component of Adobe Captivate and Flash presentation or training materials. Successful narration is:

  • clear and distinct so it is understandable;
  • pronounced correctly; and
  • without American slang, inappropriate technical lingo, or abbreviations

These points are especially important when the audience includes people whose native language is not English, as is often the case in today's technical markets.

“Jack's English narration is great and fully understandable for Europeans: each word is well pronounced, the syntax is perfect with no slang or abbreviations, and the tone of voice is clear.”
Alexandra Raimbault
Marketing Communications Manager (Paris, France

Jack's "easy listening" voice is popular in European and Asian markets as well as throughout the U.S. These are several samples from product overview presentations:

"Choose from nine available wavelengths including both single mode and multimode fiber, and configure your unit with up to four wavelengths for full spectrum characterization. Selections include 1383 nm for water peak verification in CWDM fibers, 1650 nm for live fiber troubleshooting, and 1490 nm for verification of voice, data, and IP-based video services."
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"Simultaneously monitor up to 255 traffic flows in real time, recording conditions such as throughput, delay, and frame loss under controlled high-load traffic conditions. You’ll have an all-in-one solution for traffic generation, traffic impairment, and QoS measurement."
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"A Windows® XP Professional-based control PC and application server greatly simplifies functional testing and supports external application servers as well. Everything needed is in one box. Many communication simulation functions are included, and third party applications can be loaded easily."
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Audio Equipment and Editing

Good narration must be based on good audio equipment that is used in an acoustically shielded environment to eliminate echo. To help understand the importance of studio-quality microphones and their accessories, refer to Jack's popular Microphone Guidelines article in IconLogic's Adobe Captivate newsletter.

Jack uses professional audio editing software to establish a consistent sound level for each narration.