PowerPoint Format Guidelines

If you want your presentations to be effective, three things are required:

  • the material must be clear and logical;
  • the presentation delivery must be engaging; and
  • the slide format must be appropriate so the slides are readable and enjoyable

Is there staff in your organization that puts a lot of effort into these first two points but ignores or doesn't understand the last point about slides format? Years of experience observing customer presentations and sales training presentations have shown that people frequently can't read or pay attention to slides because the format is poor.

The goal of this two-hour interactive training session and its accompanying "PowerPoint Format Guidelines" checklist is to ensure that your presentations are:

  • More understandable, making them easy for people to understand
  • More readable, ensuring that people can read the slides easily, even when the projector or lighting is poor
  • More interesting and enjoyable, so people pay attention and learn more
  • More usable, so others in your organization can re-use the slides easily in subsequent presentations