Product Sales Training Strategies

Does your organization sometimes assume sales people will figure out how and where to sell a product if told about the specifications, features, and benefits? In fact, what sales people really want and need to know is:

  • What is the value of each important feature to the customer?
  • Why is the product unique?
  • What kinds of customers need our product, and for what specific applications?
  • What are each competitor's strong and weak points, and what strategy should we use to win against each competitor?
  • What are the strong points of our product, and how can we demonstrate those strong points or show measurable value to the customer?
  • What are the weak points of our product, and what strategy should we use to overcome each one?

Jack can help your marketing staff make sure all these questions are answered before they prepare any product promotional plans or material such as brochures, advertising, websites, or PR.

“Jack is very effective on a global scale in explaining to sales and marketing teams the need to 'sell value,' not product, and also is creative in getting teams to actually find ways how to do this.”
Mark Evans
Executive Vice President, Anritsu Corporation

Selling Guides

The Selling Guide should be the first marketing material developed for any product, long before any collateral material is created. It is a 2- or 3-page form created in Microsoft Word that answers each of the Product Sales Training Strategy questions above. It is essential because:

  • It defines the strategy for promoting and selling the product, ensuring that subsequent marketing material focuses on product value and differentiation.
  • It's the one document sales people want most because it provides the "how and where to sell" information they need.

Format is important: Jack's template ensures that each Selling Guide has the same appearance, addresses all the points, and presents the information consistently.

Each Selling Guide serves as a quick reference to the important selling strategies for its product prior to a customer call. Reading an entire product brochure or trying to digest dozens of slides in a PowerPoint sales training presentation simply isn't feasible when sales people need the information quickly.

The Selling Guide has proven to be especially important to enable resellers and PR agencies to be successful. These organizations typically handle products from multiple manufacturers, so the Selling Guide's concise and strategy-focused format is ideal. The staff in each of these organizations will tell you without hesitation it is their number one choice for product support material.

“The Selling Guides that Jack developed were extremely valuable tools in creating public relations plans. They clearly positioned products and services within the market, explained features/benefits, and prioritized key attributes. Not only did they save valuable time on our end in preparing launches and releases, they ensured that a consistent message was being delivered.”
Patrick Brightman
Vice President-Public Relations, Compass|SGW, New Jersey

Sales Training Material Workshops

Jack explains the rationale and process for answering each of the above sales training strategy questions in
3-hour interactive workshops he has delivered to product marketing staffs throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

Jack's interactive approach devotes at least half the time to getting every attendee directly involved in discussing the pros and cons of actual marketing materials. As a result, attendees receive practical experience answering each of these strategy questions and preparing materials that train sales people how and where to sell products.

In these discussions, Incorporating examples from a company's current products and sales training materials is the way to provide the most benefit for participants.