Technology Training

Jack has been creating and delivering technology training materials for over 15 years in the fields of wireless, wired, and optical data communications; computer networking; and computer software and hardware. Whether the target audience is customers, sales and customer support staff, or other marketing staff, this is an area where Jack's ability to make highly technical information clearer and more effective is especially valuable.

“Jack was absolutely revered for his ability to conduct training sessions on new technologies. Everyone would attend those sessions -- engineers, marketers, sales & support people, managers, and executives. It was often standing room only to see Jack’s vivid slides and lucid presentations and explanations of complex new technologies.”
Hamid Nabavi
Chief Executive, Optimized Communications

Jack applies three key skills in developing training involving highly technical materials:

  • Visualizing the new technology from the perspective and initial level of understanding of the person being trained, so the material is effective without being confusing Ethernet-IP Concepts
  • Perceiving what should be conveyed about why the technology is important, so the training focuses on key points and doesn't become overwhelming
  • Creating effective graphics that convey complex topics clearly

Examples from ATM and Ethernet-IP Technology

Most people would agree that providing an overview of ATM technology or Ethernet and IP technology that conveys effective information in just a few hours is a considerable challenge. Here are examples of a few slides from Jack's training presentations:

  • An ATM Technology Overview for data communications marketing staff unfamiliar with ATM
  • An overview of Ethernet-IP Concepts for technical sales staff familiar with SONET products but with no background in Ethernet or IP

Examples from "Must-Have Reference ..." Technology Guides

The extensive terminology in wired and wireless communications is often confusing, and even experts have trouble remembering and explaining all the details. These guides have become some of the most popular publications of Anritsu Corporation, providing valuable references for customers as well as for sales and support staff. While many documents list data communications acronyms, these references are unique because they briefly discuss the history and market significance of each term and show how it is related to other similar technologies: