Technical Writing and Editing

Jack has been deeply involved in technical writing and editing for over 30 years, focusing on making highly technical information clearer and more effective.

Technical writing for marketing purposes means restating complex technical concepts in simpler language to achieve specific goals such as influencing potential customers or training sales staff. To be fully effective, Jack draws on his strong engineering background, his experience in a broad range of technologies, and his ability to understand the perspective of the reader.

Is editing missing in your organization? Editing is a completely different skill from writing that:

  • Corrects spelling, grammar, and punctuation problems
  • Reduces the complexity of sentences and the use of passive verbs
  • Eliminates jargon and technical terms that are inappropriate for the intended audience
  • Ensures conformance to industry standards for capitalization, spelling, and hyphenation
  • Verifies that the document is internally consistent so, for example, referenced items exist as stated
  • Clarifies incomprehensible statements, such as those resulting from missing material
  • Verifies that ideas are clear and developed logically, and that everything fits together in a coherent whole

Examples from "Must-Have Reference ..." Technology Guides

The extensive terminology in wired and wireless communications is often confusing, and even experts have trouble remembering and explaining all the details. These guides have become some of the most popular publications of Anritsu Corporation, providing valuable references for customers as well as for sales and support staff. While many documents list data communications acronyms, these references are unique because they briefly discuss the history and market significance of each term and show how it is related to other similar technologies: